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The key to healthcare construction is captured in one word – EXPERIENCE. Since 2000, Knutson has led hundreds of healthcare construction projects for over 50 different organizations. Our employees act according to this simple philosophy: the needs of patients, staff and visitors always come first, not construction. Minimizing disruption and maximizing convenience is more than a priority – it’s a requirement.


When the first day of school arrives and students swarm the campus, buildings must be ready. There are no exceptions. The same holds true for construction deadlines. That’s why it’s important to hire a construction firm that can deliver a project on time. From renovating small elementary schools to building new best-in-class university facilities, it’s critical to hire a proven company like Knutson. We promise you’ll be ready.


pc小群正规群Every last detail is important in building public spaces, particularly work with city and state agencies. Similar to you being rooted in tradition and community, our construction professionals share your commitment to the neighborhoods we live, work, and play in. We will demonstrate our commitment to excellence in every aspect of project.

Science and Technology

Knutson has an extensive portfolio of clean room and laboratory experience that brings proven best-practices and processes to these unique facilities. We specialize in non-classified manufacturing space, Grade C, ISO 8 certified, ABSL-2 and ABSL-3 research capable spaces. Our team of experts knows what it takes to work in the most sensitive spaces with minimal disruptions to facility activities.


Construction for the workplace means creating an environment where people can be productive, efficient and comfortable — places that build pride in your company. Knutson works to maintain a balance between creativity, timeliness and cost effectiveness when constructing office buildings and tenant improvements. Creative phasing and scheduling to accelerate the schedule and avoid disruptions are always a priority.

Parking and Transit

pc小群正规群Knutson leads the region in the construction of free-standing parking garage construction. This means we know how to work with owners, design team members, and owner’s representatives in a collaborative environment that delivers the best value to owners. Our self-perform concrete crews ensure that Knutson is the driver of the project schedule on parking ramps and we collaboratively align all key stakeholders to harness the talents and insights throughout the preconstruction and construction process.

Arts and Culture

pc小群正规群Preserving history, inspiring young minds, renewing the human spirit — Knutson has been honored to lead the construction of many cultural landmarks that shape the community. Creativity, attention to detail and stellar craftsmanship  are the hallmarks of these construction projects. Knutson’s accomplished trades and craftspeople, along with our ability to self-perform concrete work, stonework and interior woodworking, means we can maintain careful control over quality, scheduling and budget.

Housing and Development

pc小群正规群When there is market demand for new multi-family and senior living housing, owners want to meet their customers’ needs. Because of the high traffic in these facilities, the quality of the building needs to be great enough to withstand the traffic in and out on a daily basis. The ability to respond with speed and flexibility, without sacrificing quality is a must. With a long list of satisfied clients, Knutson has earned its status as a leading construction company. We have the employees, resources and experience to fast track your project and meet your goals.


Hospitality and Retail

pc小群正规群Our long term partnerships have proved we understand how to take a vision and translate that into a superior construction experience. Buildings begin with relationships that transform and we are passionate about creating high quality spaces that transform lives and your ever-growing business. We take pride in finding opportunities to give back to the communities we serve. We also understand the importance of involving local subcontractors, and working to ensure they are successful.

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General Contracting

pc小群正规群As a general contractor, Knutson and its team provides the resources, expertise and leadership to ensure the safety, quality, timeliness and financial success of our projects. We offer competitive bid and negotiated projects, self-performing services, and subcontractor selection.

Construction Management

As a construction manager, we are your advocate. Operating as an extension of your staff, Knutson can provide pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure a successful project regardless of the delivery method.

Virtual Design & Construction

Our virtual Design and Construction team leverages technology to collaborate with all project stakeholders during master planning, preconstruction, estimating and construction. We actively seek and support new ideas and continuous learning. We challenge ourselves in the pursuit of excellence and new technologies.


Knutson’s early involvement prior to construction can greatly minimize costly surprises and allow you to ask what-if questions about budget, schedule, materials and design options. Our knowledge of construction costs, materials, structural alternatives, and mechanical and electrical systems can significantly impact the quality, cost and timing of construction.

Master Planning

pc小群正规群During the master planning and preconstruction phase Knutson will take the necessary steps to fully understand the needs and expectations of each master plan project and of you, the owner. We will bring our experience and tools that will be required to assist in creating a plan that will bring your vision to life in the most cost-effective and efficient approach possible.

Self-Perform Construction

Self-performing work allows Knutson to set the initial construction pace for the schedule, drive quality, set safety standards and greatly control cost. The ability to control labor offers some protection from cost increases and claims from contractors, and helps us control quality. We have extremely high standards for quality in our own work, and we hold our subcontractors to the same standards on our projects.


Knutson approaches sustainability and LEED® on every project with the goal of building an easy to maintain, high performing building that meets the project. We believe that sustainability is at the core of good design and quality construction practices. Our team has the experience, passion, and resources to effectively lead the implementation of your project goals.

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Dreams in Progress

When you see a Knutson trailer you know something good is happening. Whether you hear about our client’s dreams in the news or happen to drive by a Knutson project site, you can learn more about our current active projects here.

The Latest News

We are a dynamic group of construction professionals fulfilling client dreams as well as some of our own. Our blog goes beyond projects to showcase unique stories and points of view.

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